Saint-Charles Station

Série de 11 photographie imprimée jet d'encre,
60x40cm chacune

"Saint Charles" is a series of photographs taken during my stay in Marseille. Since November 2011, I have frequently gone to Saint Charles train station day and night, to observe and shoot passengers and the environment, especially how people situated in this special place.
The station is a special place for captures momentary images. As it is the convergence of transportation, its scenes have the character of "mobility". Built in iron and concrete, the station looks like a big theater. In the daytime, sunshine is like the stage light. While in the night, the station is equipped with artificial and dramatic lights. It is like a stage where scenes of life take place through the traces of passersby.
In this series of images, I try to form my own vision through using of photography, and analyse the relationship between human and a non-place .