l'Oiseau, imprimé jet d'encre, 59x90cm, 2014


Série de 5 photographies,
59 X 90 cm chacune,imprimée jet d'encre,

In the middle of 2014, I started writing my story, "The Adventures of Dair in No Man's Land." In this story I created Daïr, a character wearing a bird mask, wandering around and witnessing some historic times. In this tale, Dair is the representation of the artists who create works to evoke social and political subjects. Yet this "bird man" for me is rather an image of cosmopolitan populations in our age.
In this series of photography, I try to capture the scene through staging the mental state of a "bird man", who just finished his journey, going back to his homeland and finding that his shelter was destroyed. It is the representation of not only physical fatigue after a long journey but also the price of searching for an ideal world of total freedom – a drifting life.