Artist Statement

My art projects derive from my obsession with historical recontextualization, counterfactual history and their correlation to actuality. By working on my projects by means of a great diversity of media and theoretical approaches, I aim to develop my own conception of problematic issues triggered by the global status quo. Each of my projects revolves around the concept of “National Territory / Boundary"—such as globalization, exile, diaspora etc.
I started to practice photography with the project Saint-Charles (2013), in which I captured the unusual and momentary state of the passengers in a Non-Lieu. Mazargues Anonymous, another project began in 2013, is concerned with a military cemetery for foreign soldiers located in south of Marseille. lha Fromosa, my video work in 2015, was inspired by an exile story. In the project Négraille (2015), according to the experimental history, through the words of the Martiniquais poet Aimé Césaire, as well as postcards of colonial exhibitions, I try to reveal "the imperial eye" which still has its effect until now.
At this moment (2019) I am devoted to two projects: Ani and Biography of Ho Xuan Huong.
Ani is the ancient capital of medieval Armenia which is involved today in Turkey’s territory. This project led me to the creation in different medias like the reflection on the historical interpretation that has an impact on the cultural identity of the community of the Armenian and Turkish diaspora.
The project "Biography of Ho Xuan Huong" was motivated by the fate of Vietnamese women in Taiwan. Studying the poems "Chu Nom" of the Vietnamese feminist poet Ho Xuan Huong of the eighteenth century, and comparing my observations on Vietnamese society and archival research, I try to explore the missing facades of Vietnamese women in the patriarchal discourses of the Taiwanese society.